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2006 – Congresso Nacional de Cerâmica

Congress in 2006 of the National Museum Ceriamica Alfredo Andersen, a promotion of the State Government and the Secretary of State for Culture, Norma offered a workshop and a conference. Here are the releases about them:

Module, Multiplication, decomposition and recomposition

The workshop aims to exploring the creative possibilities in ceramic sculpture through forms multiplied in the process of casting molds to slip, thus allowing greater articulation of elements that, for interventions cuts and artistic impressions, create a constant change in special experience, extending the so-in time. In this paper proposed standard reflects the question of the module, the mechanical reproduction by an apparatus which may be a machine or a mold, finally something that facilitates and enables reproduction in series. Traditionally, the work is conceived as one therefore think of a multiplication was a way of transgressing the principle of the concept of art as something unique. In this workshop proposal process-module, multiplication, decomposition, and recomposition enables the expansion of the creative field.

Place the Atelier: The poetics and technique

The studio is a space where the process happens and it’s like an artist’s sketchbook, because there is a rich and intimate performance in this space.
What I want is to put a creative process explained by the practice of studio – hence the importance of “place of the studio,” which is an area where there is a regitro uniqueness of the wearer, no matter the size or sophistication, or not the equipment – what matters is that it is a space to be filled. My studio is my starting point. I look back and see in perspective the trodden path that lies on one point: the origins of my visual artistic production. From the studio, and in a retroactive way, show the work as a manifestation of life, because I believe it is this space that I can express all of my concerns, existential, conceptual and aesthetic, but also covers the practice and technique, transforming- in the visual poetics.

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