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2nd International Ceramic Artists metting at USP (University of Sao Paulo) 2013

Meeting the Potters USP brings special programming

After a successful first event, the 2nd International Ceramic Artists Meeting at USP, happening between March 12and 15th, 2013, in the campus of the University of São Paulo, features an extensive program, geared towards students, artists, researchers, teachers and anyone interested in artistic ceramics.

The main purpose of the meeting is the exchange of information with artists from all over the world, besides stimulating debate, critical thinking and the motivation to search for greater possibilities  before the international context.

The intense program includes talks by reputed international artists and the main feature is their real time, live demonstrations of their unique creative and technical processes. The audience will be able to step up and interact,ask questions, or simply observe and learn.

Some of the participant artists are Cristopher D. Benavides ( USA), artist with an MA from University of Wisconsin-Madison; Karen Gunderman (USA), artist and professor at Peck School of Art, UW-Milwaukee; Esther Shimazu (USA), artist with an MA from University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Megumi Yuasa (Brasil), ceramist and sculptor, multiple award-winning artist who has shown his work in Brasil and internationally, including São Paulo Biennials, Vilma Villaverde ( Argentina) – Ceramist and IAC Bernd Pfannkuche ( Germany)  – Chief-editor of New Ceramic,  Isabelle Naef Galuba  – Director of the Ariana Museum Geneve,  among others.

The 2nd International Ceramic Artists Meeting at USP is organized by ECA-USP (School of Communications and Arts) and FAU-USP (Architecture and Urbanism College), ABC (Brazilian Ceramic Society) and Grupo Terra ( ceramics research group lead by Prof. Norma Grinberg). Checkthe complete program :


2nd Ceramic Artists Meeting at USP

Date: March 12th to 15th, 2013

More information: (11) 3768-4284 or 8346-4248) /Skype: sergioetz/

Registration form:

There will be simultaneous translation (English to Portuguese)

Rua Fidalga, 960, Vila Madalena - São Paulo, SP, Brasil · (11) 3816 7447