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The studio

Studio Norma Grinberg

“In the studio the artist can totally express her concerns, from conceptual and artistic order, to practical and technical, by turning them into visual poetry. The closer it is to a place the artist evaluates as ideal for the execution of her work, the more the studio creates the necessary conditions for art to express itself completely, in depth, expand itself, break limits and open doors. The studio “per se” doesn´t make the art work. It can contribute, however, to maximize the conditions for excellent work.

An art studio is also the author´s work, for it expresses in the its inside and outside architecture and in the distribution of objects and equipment, personal reflections on the creative art process.

When I created the concept of the studio together with the architect Gilberto Nascimento, who was responsible for the project and its execution, I added elements of art history, concepts on art work and the technical aspects essential to ceramics. A ceramics studio should respond to almost industrial requirements and consider that the work, from design to the finishing goes through successive steps: modelling, moulding, casting, finishing, first firing, glazing, second firing, third firing…

The studio is a dream come true. A dream that I would like to share with friends from the past and the present – the everlasting friends. It is a space that honors the higher art of roots that get lost in time: ceramics.”

Norma Grinberg

Rua Fidalga, 960, Vila Madalena - São Paulo, SP, Brasil · (11) 3816 7447