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The artist

Formation and didactic activities

Nationalized and radicated in São Paulo-Brazil since 1959, Norma Tenenholz Grinberg has been holding national and international exhibitions. As a plastic artist, she is one of the major artistic standouts working with ceramics in the country. The quality of her work is acknowledged by both the public and the critics, who point out the originality and contemporary nature of her esthetic proposal.
International Academy of Ceramics member since 2010, her academic training includes a Plastic Arts Teaching Degree by Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), with Master’s and Doctor’s Degree in Visual Poetics by Universidade de São Paulo (USP – University of São Paulo), where she is currently a professor for the graduation and post-graduation courses, from the Plastic Arts Department of Escola de Comunicações e Artes (ECA-CAP-USP – Communication and Arts School).
Among other activities, Norma Grinberg develops a research on ceramics as a means for artistic expression, and she is the coordinator of Grupo Terra (Terra Group), a researchers group of Sao Paulo University. In addition, her conferences are aimed at stimulating the discussion on the contemporary nature of artistic ceramics as a support and voice for the most diverse areas of activity. In March 2011, she designed and coordinated the First International Ceramic Artists Meeting at USP (Sao Paulo University).
On her Master’s and Doctor’s theses, she carried out researches respectively on the ceramic module on minimalist representations, and the approach of shape and scale as a significant element of visual poetics.
At the time of her Master’s Degree, she created the Humanóides (Humanoids) installation, at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Arts Museum) of São Paulo. And, in view of a new light for her research, on her Doctor’s thesis, she discussed the Arch element, which was already present on Humanóides (Humanoids), and presented a more in depth discussion in the Lugar com Arco (Place with Arch) paper, this is the reason why there is currently an intervention piece on the public area of Universidade de São Paulo. The piece, which evokes ancestral references concerning the “Arch” as a construction and walk-through space, assumes, in such case, another esthetic value which is the monumental amplification of a ceramic piece, approaching adaptation issues and a dialogue with areas such as Architecture and History.
Another theme which is always explored by her discussions is the ceramic production process in itself, with her considerations about the visual poetics and the artistic creation process which is based on the scenario of the significant space of the atelier.
Her carrier is permeated by awards and honorable mentions in events and exhibitions such as the I Salão Paulista de Arte Contemporânea (1st São Paulo Conference for Contemporary Arts), XXVI Congresso Brasileiro de Cerâmica (26th Brazilian Congress on Ceramics), among other, besides invitations for international conferences and exhibitions such as the Festival International du Film Ceramique, in Montpellier, and Le Printemps des Potiers, in Bandol – France; the 47º Concorso Internazionale Della Ceramica D’Arte, Faenza, and Galleria D’arte Ítalo-Brasiliana, in Milan – Italy; and at Javits Convention Center, New York – USA, Neue keramik aus Brasilien, Fundação Brasiléia, Basel – Switzerland, among others. Norma exhibits her pieces in Brazil and abroad, and her work is part of national and international private and museum collections, such as:
Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo State Art Gallery), São Paulo – SP.
Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo (Contemporary Arts Museum of University of São Paulo), São Paulo – SP.
Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Curitiba (Contemporary Arts Museum of Curitiba), Curitiba – PR.
Museu Alfredo Andersen (Alfredo Andersen Museum), Curitiba – PR.
Embaixada de Israel em Brasília (Israel Embassy in Brasília), Brasília – DF.
Fundação CAPES (CAPES Foundation), Brasília – DF.
Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza – Italy.
GIFU Prefectural Tajimi Hospital, Tajimi-City – Japan.

In 2008 she participate from the International Academy of Ceramics /43rd General Assembly and as a resident artist invited by FLICAM (FuLe Intertantional Ceramic art Museums), Norma created the Brazilian Pantanal installation, which is currently part of the Museu Sino-Latino-Americano collection, in Fuping – Xi’an. In 2010, she showed her artwork at National Museum of Sévres, France with IAC members.


Rua Fidalga, 960, Vila Madalena - São Paulo, SP, Brasil · (11) 3816 7447